Wow - the forum has been upgraded 👍

I like it!

More on brand now.


Hey @lindsay_knowcode !

I am noticing that rendering a member’s full profile … seeing their stats (number of technical solutions and stuff) … takes a while longer … and even sometimes it times out.

Here … trying to see yours:


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So now we can see who is loved more on the forum :grinning:

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Just feels slower for me :frowning:

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Yep, same thing.


I think that was always there.

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Still no dark mode support, sadly.


Loving the customized sections. I can now find the basic Bubble links without searching for where @mikeloc references the ideaboard :slight_smile:


Where is the main link for bug reporting? :slight_smile:

Really? Thats fun cause I haven’t seen it for 7 years. Shame on me

Just wasn’t in the menu :slight_smile:

accepting the things I cannot change in order to find serenity…

Seems like the Message + Personal Chat decoupling is going in a reverse Slack direction :thinking:

Im not used to it at all :joy: and I agree, it feels a little slower than before

Something is not working correctly.
I receive questions and answer them in my topics, but I don’t see this in the list of topics.
Those. I receive a notification that a user asked a question in one of my topics, but this topic does not move to the beginning (top) of the list of topics. And the same thing happens after my answer, I don’t see my topic in the list of topics.
Although previously, before the forum was updated, after every change in a topic, this topic was moved to the beginning (top) of the general list of topics.

Is it just me who has this problem?

When I check Topic section - all topics are sorted by the date/time of the latest post inside (as it used to be before):

@artemzheg is right… nothing has changed with the way topics are displayed, but full disclosure, @MindForApps did notice a new moderator feature I have been testing (which I am certainly hopeful is for the good of the community, of course), and I have given them insight into it via direct message. I’m guessing they will share their thoughts with me soon. :slight_smile:

Edit: just want to publicly thank MindForApps for responding to my DM… really appreciate the interaction there.

Yes. I was thinking the same thing. Again, seems so easy to add a toggle. Dark/Light Mode Toggle - theme-component - Discourse Meta

@allenyang Is there a different person that focuses on ‘product’ for the forum. It just seems like such an easy low hanging fruit to add a dark mode for the forum. See link above :point_up_2:

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I’m guessing the dark/light mode won’t make it to Allen’s radar, but I have been discussing the forum pretty regularly with Bubble’s director of community, so let me bring it to their attention because that feature has been requested many times over the years.


This tracks. Keith is the people’s champ

Listshifter :heart:

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