Wrapped iOS app much slower than loading in browser

Anyone else run into this issue or have suggestions on best way to troubleshoot/fix? Load time in iOS app is significant slower than loading in browser. Also, it’s not possible to navigate to other pages in the app for about 20 seconds - assuming due to load time but hard to test in app. Used BDK native wrapper.

video example

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Yep it’s a known issue and why its recommended to navigate via custom stages not pages/URLs in a wrapped app :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply. I didn’t know that - where can I read more about this issue?

Also, I do use custom states to navigate - after some further testing my issues seem to be coming from RG load times. Do RG’s take longer to load in iOS apps?

Hi @danielfuller28

Actually my app run at 4 sec per page (average) loading 5 records at a time. The first loading is between 8-12 seconds on my DEV version. On LIVE version, 1.5 seconds average to load the same page, and 4-8 sec. the first time.

Thanks for you feedback @JohnMark. The issue I’m experiencing is in Live version and on first load - second load is instant. In the example below you can see first load in Safari is <1s while first load in the App is ~5s. Really stumped at what’s going on here.

Safari iOS app

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This behaviour is like this for many years as I remember. Once the critical data is download once, it’s faster after. But still too slow. I saw some light page load in less than a second. More stuff you have, slower the page is become to appear. That’s why I put almost all my process on Backend Workflows, and create as many reusable as possible to diminush the load.

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I tried this :point_up_2: & it looks like my app got some immunity booster :rocket: .
Everything seems fast…

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hi @danielfuller28 did you find a solution for this issue? I’m facing the same on my app: loading it on the browser is much faster than in the published wrapped app.
Besides, are you having ‘crashing’ issues? Meaning, a blank page when you launch the app?

Hi @lutahara, I have not found a true solution. Apparently the issue is caused by the browser iOS uses in the wrapped apps. Right now we just archive items to keep lists short and try to keep our search as efficient as possible to mitigate the issue. Yes, we have the crashing issue too when lists get long.

I am having similar issues with iOS and Android, including the crashing problem. I am contacting Gaurav (BDK) regarding this issue, just to receive some guidance or clarification of what needs to be fixed but I haven’t received any response yet.

I appreciate it if you guys have any updates regarding this topic

Did you find a solution? I’m having the same problem on my app and I also wrapped with BDK

Hi! Looking to wrap my app soon, how long did the wrapping process take? Thank you!