Writing RG items to a DB

Here’s what the input looks like. When loaded, it pulls data from the database and pre-populates the sliders.

When a slider is changed, the data is written back to the DB. This is causing DB issues I won’t bore you with (due to timing of DB writes).

What I would like to do is add a “SAVE” button but I’m not sure how to build a workflow that will iterate through each repeating group and save to the DB appropriately.

Here’s the DB structure…

Evaluation Criteria. These are the high-level categories and their descriptions:

User Evaluation Criteria. Maps a User to a set of Evaluation Criteria. Has the Category and the User’s Weight:

Here’s the query to populate the slider with initial values:

And the Parent Group:

Now, if someone clicked a SAVE button - how might I go about writing the current user’s selections to the User Evaluation Criteria table?

Really appreciate some guidance, keep hitting walls on this one and hope there’s a relatively simple solution.


I tried this… no avail. I don’t think “This User Evaluation Criteria” is the right thing to write to the fields…