Wrong value of map location in search box


I have a search box which has geographical places as it’s type set. However, when I search something from it, and select, the value that it stores internally is not what I selected. I think it extracts some part of the address or something like that, and that becomes incorrect value.

To demonstrate this, I have created this test page: Beezy
You can select a point in Box A. Box B just has the value of Box A in it.

This is how it ends up behaving:

You’ll see that what is shown in Box A is different than what is in Box B. What happens is that when I store value of Box A as a field in the DB, the value that gets stored is also not the same as what is shown here.

Here’s how set up looks like:

Could someone guide what could be going wrong here?

How do I achieve what I want to? I just want user to be able to select a map location via searchbox and then store that value.


Any pointers on what could be going wrong here?