WTF! text links work randomly

Some of my text links work and some don’t? I have tried refreshing browser and restarting Bubble. There’s no conditional attached, just a standard link!

The ‘X’ shows a link which doesn’t work (isn’t even clickable) and the ‘check’ image does work.


Check if you don’t have another element over your link. In debug mode, you can click on inspect to see what element appear when you hover the link.

Wow, it appears that any links above a certain height on the page don’t work! I can’t figure out how to work the debugger but will keep trying. This is so frustrating!

Pretty sure the issue is that you have an element that is over the other link element. Also, in editor, you have an “x-ray” mode in grid and borders menu that can help

Thanks, I am in debugger now. I’m actually starting to delete links and re-create as it’s too messy/confused. The debugger is very useful though so thanks.

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Ok, the debugger didn’t help because the elements I need to check were completely ignored by the debugger, as though they don’t exist.

But, I think I know the cause of the issue. My header had a drop down (mobile view) which I think is covering up or hiding any text links which would exist in it’s space when viewed on wide page. How would I fix this?

So to be clear, when I view my normal wide screen page, none of the links work which are in line/under the mobile view drop down.

You can see that the top link is prevented from working but the bottom one works (both are identical links)

UPDATE: I think there is a bug in Bubble because now my links have disappeared, they are not underneath the element.