WU discrepancy for (virtually) identical Actions

I’m curious if anyone else has run into (virtually) identical workflow actions resulting in different WU usage in the logs?

I have two workflows that help me track usage for each User across different tools within the app. Both of the workflows mentioned (two different tools in the app) end with virtually identical actions. We’ll call them Action 1 (for tool 1) and Action 2 (for tool 2).

Action 1 and Action 2 each make 3 changes to the User… the first 2 changes are precisely the same.

For the 3rd change: Action 1 adds 1 to the existing Action 1 value - a number that already exists as a data field for each User (i.e. Current User’s Total Action 1 + 1). Action 2 does the exact same thing, but for Action 2’s data field for the User (i.e. Current User’s Total Action 2 + 1).

The logs attribute 4.45 WU to Action 1, and 8.09 WU to Action 2.

For all intents and purposes, the actions are identical, so I’m a little confused why one is nearly 2x the WU as the other?

I’d recommend that you (and everyone with questions like this where you have specific examples to show Bubble) cut a bug to customer support. There are enough confusing results out there that there very well could be bugs in the way Bubble calculates WU’s. There are lots of posts from the community from people who believe there are problems in this area. Cutting bugs to Bubble support could be helpful to them and if you follow up on the forum with the results it will be helpful to the rest of us.

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Will do - just submitted the bug to support. Will reply to this thread with support’s response.

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Did you ever get an answer on this? Having the same issue…


Unfortunately not. I gave support lots of details, but eventually got tired trying to explain the issue, and figured out a workaround that cut the WU by over 90%. In my particular case, I was doing a count to determine User usage. I ended up creating a workflow that just did a +1 to the data field (rather than a count with the Search filtered by a time period), and another that reset the field to 0 on a daily basis (since I primarily care about daily usage and total usage).