WU optimization Feature Needs - URLs save as S3

@josh @nickc

Currently it is possible to save a URL (which is text) into an image field on the Bubble database. This image will not have the URL of the Bubble App S3 bucket, but instead be the original URL…if you want to make use of the :saved to S3 operator, you will need to first run a workflow to save the original URL as the image field and then run a second action to make changes and reference the things image field to then access the :saved to S3 operator.

With the introduction of WUs this needs to change. It needs to be possible to save the original URL (which is text) with the :saved to S3 operator so you can save it in one action, instead of being forced to use two actions for the one operation of saving the original URL as an image with a S3 URL of the app.

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