WU subtotals for simple changes too high?

Hi Bubblers-

I’ve been finally digging deep into getting more WU efficient on my cocktail recipe app before launch. I’ve found a few things that are helpful, such as: copying a recipe into a new recipe with 8 ingredients and saving it with a new name / new slug: 13WU. Copying a recipe into a new recipe, but using a separate action in the same workflow to copy/set list of ingredients (instead of in the same action as 'create a new recipe): 15WU. Some obvious savings with the former, so I’ll be leaning on combining changes like that.

What I have discovered though, are what seem to be some possible over-priced WU amounts for seemingly similar changes / activities. Here’s some examples:
Setting a thing’s slug: 1.92WU - this seems abnormally high.
This is almost the same WU cost as creating an entire new recipe with these constraints (this image is 1.96WU):

How can changing a single field (Slug) cost the same as creating a new thing, and defining 7 different values on that thing? I would expect the 1.96 from the latter, but not the former.

Making a change to a thing - capitalizing the words - 1.15WU:

Changing an input’s value triggers 3x re-calculations on that thing: 0.67WU:

But the same exact value triggering only a single recalculation on another thing: 2.25WU:

How is the simpler change almost 3.5x the cost, from the same exact trigger? (2.25WU vs 0.67)

Would love to hear if this is the sort of thing that could be addressed by Bubble in regards to ensuring WU costs are consistent. Anyone else seeing similar WU inconsistencies, especially with simple changes like ‘setting a slug’ vs other similar actions?

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There was a recent post on this exact topic…

In my own testing, setting a thing’s slug seemed to vary randomly… from what you’d expect (i.e. the same as making any other change: 0.2 WU) to more than 2 or 3 WU.

The conclusion (from Bubble) was that setting a thing’s slug requires a search of the entire database, in order to check for duplicates - which is why it often costs more than you’d expect.

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Ah yes, I found it: High workflow units to set the value of a SLUG

Still seems high! And that was only the first of what I’d call uneven pricing for similar actions - outside of the slug example, I was curious if anyone else could share examples of WU costing 2-3 times as another similar action. I am hoping it’ll be considered a bug and pull the cost down for these actions…

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