WWW not working google domain

Hey there. I have google domain “naked” right now (without the www). Is there a way to have both? Before bubble I was using the domain on a www squarespace landing page and generated some SEO, so now that Im via bubble and not squarespace- its just https://cyphtr.com . However, everything keeps redirecting to www.cyphtr.com and returns an error code

Here’s my DNS settings

Here’s my bubble settings which I just tried to mess with and thats why its showing an error message, so just ignore that.

Thank youuuuu!!!

I would try setting your TTL value to 600 seconds, and make sure this box is checked in your bubble app settings.


In testing, searching using the https://cyphtr.com is working as well as just cyphter.com.

If you still want the function of the ‘www’ then use forwarding. Synthetic records:
www → https://cyphtr.com (Destination URL) and set it to Permanent redirect (301))

Hope this helps.


Create another A record. Replace @ with *. Everything else stays the same. This generally is the simplest method and serves as a catch all.


Thank you so much!

I tried it and, still returns the same error message when I try using www.cyphtr.com though.

Thank you so much for your reply!

Ok so I tried as you suggested but I wasn’t sure if “Enable” or “Disable” SSL. I went with enable.

Thus this is what it returned and I still get an error when I try to enter www.cyphtr.com

Maybe it just needs time? Or maybe I need to switch to disable SSL?
Also I did already have the box checked off on Bubble’s side as you mentioned.

Hey, no problem at all.

If you have the Enable SSL on the bubble side, I would try disabling the SSL forward on the google side.

If this doesn’t work, I would make the Destination URL just cyphtr.com within google. Because navigating to cyphtr.com already redirects to the https version. I’d still disable Enable SSL on the forwarding either way.

It may take a bit to propagate though.

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Ok so no red flags this time from google trying it “disabled”.

I did have to delete the previous attempt bc “it conflicted with the previous record that might take 24 hours”

So I deleted, tried again with the disabled clicked and voila, no red flags like I mentioned. WWW version of my site still sends me an error code, but I think it just needs time like you mentioned. Ill post the verdict regardless incase anyone in the future finds this useful.

Thanks again so much!

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Well more than enough time has passed, and it’s still no go for all options stated previously. If you have any other suggestions, let me know! If not, no worries and thanks!

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