SSL certificate doesn't work with www

I’ve connected my site to a domain with GoDaddy within Bubble settings and added all 8 records from Bubble to DNS settings in GoDaddy, and the address works if I open it without www;
However: 1) with www I get the error saying that the certificate isn’t valid, and 2) if I add https:// before www I get cloudflare 1001 error (or at least I did, now I get “DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE”)
I’ve tried removing the domain in Bubble and adding it back on as well as turning on-off the SSL in Bubble. An SSL checker I found online says the certificate (the one that is for www) has expired in 2020. A similar thread here on the forum suggested this could be fixed with configuring the DNS settings in GoDaddy but I’m not sure where to start. I have the records added from Bubble and there’s no problem with them. I tried adding a CNAME record so that the www address leads to the base address but I ran into an error saying “record name www conflicts with another record”. I also heard from a colleague this wouldn’t solve the problem anyway because the request doesn’t even reach godaddy.
Any ideas what could be causing this?

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