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Yet Another URL/HTML to PDF API and Plug-in

OK, so my second Product Hunt-related post today. Recently learned (via PH) about a new service/API called PDFShift that is (yeah, yet another) service for rendering web pages to PDF. The pricing is similar to SelectPDF (and in fact better/cheaper at the lower usage levels) and it just seems a bit more modern.

It also has some really deep (but fairly easy to use options) for more advanced applications. Their support/founder actually responds very quickly to questions (though they are based in France) and is investigating a little weirdness I found related to their product and Bubble.

I’ve built a plug-in for PDFShift that is currently in private mode, but you can go play with the demo app here:

There are lots of solutions for this problem, of course, so not sure if anybody really cares about something like this, but if you might be interested, let me know. Thinking of putting this plugin in the marketplace.


BTW, the maker of PSFShift informs me that they fixed a small issue that made the service a bit problematic with Bubble sites. I’ll be updating my plug-in and testing.

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Hi Keith, did you mothball this idea? I’m interested in a URL to PDF creator, but don’t really want to pay 20 USD a month to SelectPDF - I probably need less than 50 a month and PDFshift would do that for free… Also, if you did kill this plugin, what are the other options out there? You said there are loads, but I could only find SelectPDF. Thanks