Youtube Analytics API

I’m attempting to make a Youtube Analytics Dashboard, where certain core metrics such as likes/dislikes, subscribers gained/lost, video views etc… are displayed. I know there is a bubble API plugin for Youtube Data/V3(it lacks certain core metrics, so I can’t use it), but not for Youtube Analytics.
For the Youtube Data/V3, a redirect url is given and all that is required is to insert the API Key and Secret, and its smooth sailing from there. Since there is no plugin for Youtube Analytics, I will have to make use of Bubbles API connector. Has anyone done this before? I’m having much difficulty attempting to correctly select the right Authentication form, finding where to correctly insert the API Key and Secret, and understanding what all the other options mean(depending on which authentication used). I am very new to bubble so any help would be greatly appreciated.


This video helped me to integrate the analtytics api in bubble.

How to Connect the YouTube API to - YouTube

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[im new]
Im doing the same thing but im stuck

how do you store and display the data after you get the response?