Youtube doesn't work

I’m trying to insert a video in a pop up, but the youtube screen tells me there is an error and try again later
Could someone help me?

Hi! this is the screenshot

Is it a video that you uploaded to YouTube? If so, please check if the video visibility is public and not private.

Yes, I’ve uploaded from youtube, it doesn’t works neither if it is public nor if it is private

Hey :wave:. @quidsicurezza

I can’t tell what the error is since I only read English. :cry:

Just a guess though, make sure your cookies are on by default in the Bubble settings. See if that fixes it. Try unchecking this:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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I’ve the cookies option but it still doesn’t work
The error message is:
An error has occurred. try later

Would you like to share your editor so we can see in detail what is going on and hopefully let you know how to solve it?

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