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Hi Bubblers,

I have an intro video on one of my websites and youtube videos are not working (I have tried many different youtube videos), but if I change it Vimeo then it works. However in my other apps the youtube videos work. I have tried to debug the issue, but I cant seem to figure out why it is not working. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

is it about auto-play or not playing AT ALL?
can you share the code? or the editor…

Hi @mvandrei

It is not working at all. Which code would you like to view? I can send the editor in a private message if that would help?

sure, please do.

Something to check - Are your cookies on? They only work when cookies are allowed. Check your Bubble settings. Just a thought. :blush:

My site does the same thing. I show an error message when cookies are off for the user. Check it out.

My cookies are, by default, turned off. There is an option in settings for this.

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The cookies for the website are off. This issue is perplexing me because it was working perfectly for the last month and now all of a sudden it stopped working. Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Yes. There was a cookie privacy issue with videos. They fixed it now. Cookies must be turned on for those videos to work since Vimeo and YouTube use cookies. Cookies were not working properly before. Bubble fixed it now. It works as it should now. That should solve your issue. Hope that helps! :blush:

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