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A new plugin releases today called YouTube Live

YouTube Live is YouTube’s livestreaming feature, which enables content creators to interact with the audience in real-time.

The YouTube Live plugin integrates your YouTube Live with your bubble application. Simply enter your Channel ID in a field, go live and voila! Your livestream is now ready to be displayed.

The YouTube Live plugin also includes the following features:

  1. Enable autoplay on page load (does not work on chrome unless enabled)

  2. Hide suggested videos from other channels (This disables the suggested videos at the end. Note: As of 2018, this will not disable related videos. Instead, this will show related videos from the same channel as the video that was just played.)

  3. Hide the control bar

  4. Remove the YouTube logo from the control bar

  5. Mute video on page load

COMING UP: Next plugin will be integrating your Live’s chat as an independent element, and will be as easy to set up as this one!


  1. Create a Youtube Channel

  2. Verify your account

  3. Find your YouTube Channel Id

  4. Go Live

  5. Enter your Youtube Channel ID in the “Channel ID” field

About me:

I am a freelance developer for bubble applications & custom plugin solutions. If you enjoy my work and would like to partner on a project, send me a private message or leave a comment down below :slight_smile:

For any questions, comments or concerns please leave a comment below, thank you!


If anyone finds this plugin to be useful and they enjoyed, please leave a review. It really supports me and encourages me to make more free plugins. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Great tool, Jonah. Thanks for making it available.

However, there’s dual audio or an invisible video that plays simultaneously.

When I paused the playing YouTube live video, I could still hear the audio playing. I thought it was my app but noticed the same anomaly on the demo page.

I’ll appreciate it if you can look into it :pray:t4:

I will look into that, I’m sorry you are experiencing this issue. I’ll get back to you today about it.

Good news!

I was able to reproduce the problem and I can confirm it has been fixed now :slight_smile:

For anyone reading this in the future, if you want to “reset” the stream and then change the “channel” (you want to switch to a different live steam without refreshing the page … ) your workflow must be as follows:


Change Channel ID → Reset Group


Reset Group → Change Channel ID

The wrong way may cause issues with timing. Doing it this way may cause the element to use the old stream ID and cause the wrong stream to play on your website.


Thanks a lot, Jonah :grin:

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Great plugin!
What does “Get Signature” do?

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@devin.fraze Thanks so much!

Actually that was some code I forgot to remove. It does not do anything except for writing “hello” in the browser console. I’ve gone ahead and removed it :grin: