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YouTube UX - Pop Out

Hi, I’ve embedded a YouTube video to my site Specifically, I’m referring to the logged in experience when you’re on the home dashboard at

However, it’s basically just a thumbnail and I’d like to help the users see it larger upon clicking it (my users don’t really get the whole ‘full screen mode’ button).

Anybody know of any settings for the video uplink that have that built in. In otherwords:

As a user, when I click on a video on the site I want it to become a pop up so that it’s easier to see.


You run a workflow when you click the video.

It send the video ID to a popup (so the pop-up knows what video to play) and show the pop-up.

The video element inside the pop-up takes its ID from the pop-up rather than the database.

Similar to this …

Yes, that’s what we do at