Vimeo Video Autoplay Not working

So I have a standard video element on a page with a Vimeo source, using an ID supplied by a field in the database. I have the Play the video automatically on load checked, and no conditionals. When the page loads, it does not autoplay.

When I do an update, and click on the bubble bar notifying me of an update, it will then autoplay (regardless of what the update was about), but any refreshes afterwards does not trigger the autoplay feature.

I have autoplay working with Vimeo on other pages, which utilize a pop up to show a video that plays upon showing the pop up, but this very straight forward implementation is throwing me a curve ball. This behavior is seen across multiple devices and browsers.

Anyone encounter this or have a workaround?

Judging by the issues you’re having my belief is that the page thinks there is no video when the page loads to play so it does not try to autoplay an empty video.

This might be why when you “refresh” the page from a bubble update it already has the video ID cached from the Database so it recognizes it then and only then.

My suggestion would be to have some conditional on the page where you can make a workflow to play the video. Maybe even on the video player a conditional where when the source is not empty …


I was having a similar issue, and I realized that while doing a hard refresh from the browser did not trigger an autoplay, navigating to the page with a Bubble “Go to page…” workflow did trigger the autoplay. This worked for my use case.