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Z order issues on overlapping elements

I’m having an issue with the Z order of elements for my header menu and side menu. “bring to front” and “send to back” don’t seem to be working. I have a shadow on my header element that I want to go over the top of the left menu, but when I put the reusable menu inside of a floating group (so I could control hiding), now my menu is on top of my header. I can just delete the header and add it back to the page, but thought I would ask, because like most things on Bubble, there is probably something super simple I’m missing.

Everything shows correctly on the designer, but in regular view it’s showing the items based on the order they were created on the page.


Hey CS,

I am a noob so I hope I am not telling you bad info. But in the spirit of trying to get you up a running, have you tried dragging the elements out of the group box and then bringing them back in? That usually does it for me, if I am understanding correctly.
Try dragging them out of the group onto a different area and bring them back into the group, I think the group outline will turn red.