Zapier basic Auth unauthorized error

I’m getting a unauthorized error using Basic Auth authentication on the Zapier Platform (publishing a zapier ap) with an app made on the bubble platform.

I’m removed permissions from the data side.
I’ve confirmed the login works
I’ve removed and readded basic auth
I’ve tried adding params and headers
I’m using an API that returns the username and password

I don’t know how to configure the Bubble API connector if this is what is to be used.

scrnli_1_30_2021_1-36-27 PM

On the Endpoint grey square, have you checked ‘This endpoint can be ran without authorization’ - that’ll need to be checked in order to run the api call unauthenticated (i.e not logged in).

Thanks for the advice. Here is the image of how its setup

scrnli_1_30_2021_4-17-58 PM

Try clicking Expose as a public endpoint because the endpoint is being triggered externally (Zapier) and not within Bubble