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Hi all,

I would like to connect the output data of my app to other services in a public offering on Zapier.
This would mean when someone creates a certain piece of data that is outputted by my bubble app, that data can then be taken and used in another app through a Zap.

I signed up to the Zapier developer platform and decided to use their web builder as oppose to the CLI.

How do I go about exposing the data created by a user to Zapier - it must be specifically authenticated for each signed in user. Would be keen to hear @emmanuel @levon or anyone else’s thoughts


Could you not just use the zapier plugin already available in bubble? It unfortunately is not yet public so requires the user to install the plugin in zapier via an invite link, but if you were to create your own you’d have to go through the same process until you had sufficient usage for it to be public.

here are instructions on the bubble zapier plugin:

If you do go down the path of wanted your own zapier connector, we build custom connectors for integration platforms such as zapier and would be an option to consider.

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I have set it all up to trigger a scheduled api workflow when the data is created which puts the data into an api endpoint with no api workflows (I only need zapier to access that data created as a result of the internal workflow.)

I then have my zapier app in the developer portal to listen/use polling to hit the API endpoint looking for new data mapped to the endpoint defined in Bubble.

Now, my final question is how on earth do I get zapier to authenticate the connection with my Bubble app? I am not using the Bubble official zapier connection, I have built my own under my brand. I am using basic authentication (username (email) and password) which will be the users Bubble app credentials). How do I make zapier authenticate with a login that then triggers and authenticates the workflow connections?

ah, so you want a user level api access token that behaves as the user (and not the application).

I think what you want is a SIgn UP/Login API Workflow:
– Create Sign up/Login API workflows. This is useful for building an alternative front-end to the Bubble app, such as a native app that you developed. When an API workflow contains a sign up or login action, then a user ID, token, and expiration, expressed in seconds, are returned with the response of the call. Subsequent calls to the app’s API, with a header Authorization: Bearer API_TOKEN, runs all calls and workflows in the context of the user associated with the token. This user will be the ‘Current user,’ who you can access with actions. Privacy rules will apply to this user as they would if the user was logging in the Bubble app and using it in their own browser. This token should be kept safe.

(see here: https://bubble.io/reference#API.authentication )

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Thanks a lot for that! I have changed the authorisation in Zapier to API key. Presumably I now need to set up a POST call to my Bubble app’s login workflow?

I actually don’t think you want to do that. I think your API key would be hard coded into your zapier app and you would still ask your user for their username/password.

Your authentication app in zapier should be a session based on:

You would perform a test call to make sure the login works.

which means that each time your zap runs, it would use the username/password provided in the bundle.authData and then it would make an api call to bubble to perform a login for that user. The api key would be included in that call (hard coded since your users don’t know the api key).

Then, Im not sure exactly how it works on the bubble side but assuming when you hit the login endpoint, it returns an access key that you would then use for each additional api call (on behalf of that user).

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Thanks for this, I’m still trying to figure it out.

Thanks for the help

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Did you manage to figure this out? Would love a Zapier integration in my app.