Zapier - Bubble Trigger does not see my dev branch

In creating a Zapier-Zap, Bubble to PandaDocs, I am unable to view my dev branch. I have done this several times before, but only when there was a live and version-test branch.

My development branch looks like this:

My branch is dev-branch-graham, in testing this relates to this

In Zapier, I only have the option for one development branch

Which subsequently results in the new Zap ID (generate_panda_doc_version2) not being available as it only exists in my dev branch

If I override and enter the app version manually, I get Page not found error

If I override and enter the zap-id manually, I also get page not found error.

As I say this all worked fine before there were multiple branches.
Isolating the development branches from QA & Production is critical, and we can’t experiment by creating the zap in live and rolling it down.

Any insights or suggestion would really be appreciated.

Best Regards

Hey Graham,

I had the same issue. Under ‘App Version’, instead of typing ‘version-79p7’, try just typing ‘79p7’.

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