Zapier developer platform Creating a New app on zapier

hi everyone,

i created this topic to get help about my issue and also for the ones who is going to create their app’s zapier integrations

i created my app at zapier developer platform and added some triggers.

i want to create a instant trigger (REST Hook) for my integration. what i want to do is sending a row with all of its costum field values and information to pass zapiers webhook url of my users.

on zapier side it is looking like this

so i created an api call for sending the row to webhook zapier gave to user

i tried 2 methods 1 from directly workflow other from a backend workflow both of them are same actually looking like this

inside that row there must be costum field values also so i formatted them seperately filteret all text field, number fields, and date field, then formatted each item like this,

so at zapier side when a recieved that json my plan is filtering costum field values by the zap’s configured costum_field id’s

but before all of this when i clicked button and triggered workflow zapier doesnt get the row and i couldn understand why?

to be clear my database is a costum_field database so my users creating their own costum fields and creating costum field values for the row they want to change or create.

i have a data type called row which is all of the costum field values of an item.

so the row have costum field values added to it and costum field values database is like this

to be more clear there is screeshot of Uİ

each line called row and they have costum field repeating group inside them when an input value changed a workflow gets triggered and creates a costum field value and adds costum field type from their parent group

after that adding that costum field value to current row