Zapier Integration

What are the steps for integrating Zapier?
How do we know what apps we can connect with Bubble if we cannot search for existing connections?


Our current Zapier integration allows you to trigger a zap from a workflow. To use it:

  1. you should create a Zap in zappier with Bubble as a trigger
  2. add the Zapier plugin in Bubble, so that you can have the Zapier action in the technical section of the action menu
  3. copy the link Zapier gives when you create your app and paste it in the action Property Editor
  4. Use the fields we have at the action level to send some data to zapier. What you do with this data in Zapier should be done on the zapier side, in their dashboard.

Let us know if you’re hitting issues.


(If some people can’t find Bubble in Zapier, here is the link We haven’t made Bubble public yet in Zapier)


Thanks for the link!

I have another issue though. Am I correct in understanding that we can only send data to zapier as long as they fit in the fields you provide? So that if I wanted to send more than 3 textual data points, I wouldn’t be able to ? (There are only 3 text fields, plus a handful of numbers, boolean and date fields)

Yeah I put 3 thinking that’d be enough. How many do you need?

I don’t know for sure, perhaps as many as 15.
Basically we want to integrate Bubble with a API to do some data-crunching. At the moment going through zapier looks like the only way to consume a 3rd party API with Bubble, so it’d be great if at least we could send unrestricted data to zapier.
Could you replace the current fields inputs by an “add a data field” design where we could specify as many fields as we want?


In that case, it might be better to integrate your API within Bubble. We can’t really let users send unrestricted data to Zapier, as we need to define the data structure in Zapier. Why don’t you email us at with more details about the API?

who had luck making this work. Zapier keeps “Zapier is now waiting for your changes to make their way back to our server.” with end result. The workflow has a webhook! @emmanuel

It has been working for other users, so please report an issue at support, we can’t help like this.

@emmanuel Would it be possible to add more text fields in Zapier please ? 3 is very limiting.
6 at least would be better in my case. 8 the best. The thing is that only text fields enable to forward in Zapier a list of things (text, numbers, adresses). 2 additional numbers would help me also.

I’m using it to keep track in a google sheet of the very important steps my users achieve.
Otherwise I’ll have to play with Send an email + Email parser but that would not be very convenient.

Actually as you have to send predefined data to Zapier, I wonder why you can’t offer something like 15 fields for each type (or whatever limit), and we would add with a dropdown the fields we need : Add a text field / Add a number field / etc.
Then I guess there would be very few user who would need more than 15 fields of something.

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Pushing a fix with higher numbers. We can’t do that with a dropdown but I extended to 8 texts and 5 numbers.


thanks, that’ll help !

Special Thanks for @emmanuel support. For future reference if anyone is facing a problem follow steps below.

  1.  Create a Zap and add the webhook to the bubble trigger
  2.  Add a text or number in the workflow in bubble
  3.  In step 5 click insert Bubble field in zapier.  A screen will open showing “We couldn't get any samples from Bubble”, Press “Ok, I did this” for steps 1 & 2.  This will show Looking for changes….  Keep the screen on while performing next step
  4.  Run the preview page in bubble and trigger the workflow
  5.  Go back to zapier and you will see We found your changes.

Just a share :
When you are at the step 4/, you can use a defaut Zap like this one so you can easily link datas from bubble to your zap.

Here’s an idea that would make things even easier for us. @Emmanuel. Something like “Initiate this webhook” under the webhook link which would send the sample of data : Text1, Text2, Number1, etc… in Zapier.

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I haven’t played that much with Zapier to be honest… What you mean by that is to do a fake call to zapier with some sample values? Does that make things easier in Zapier? If so, i can add that, just let me know.

Each time you setup a new webhook, Zapier expects you to send a new sample of data so then you can fill up the Action fields with this sample.
And for instance if the first sample doesn’t use all the available fields and you’ll need more fields later on, then you’ve to send a new sample again to access these new fields.

It’s not a huge pain, but definitely a sample of data would speed up the process & would reduce error risk.

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I’m using your method to set up a Zap that grabs data from Bubble and passes it to another applicaiton.

I’m stuck on step 1 :(.
I have the url from Zapier to set up a webhook in Bubble, but I’m not seeing where I need to put it in the workflow.

I have an API endpoint “senduserpreferences”. I selected “Trigger a Zapier zap”, but I’m not seeing where I need to put the url from Zapier to connect the workflow.

Can you provide a screenshot for how you set this up.

Thanks much.

Got it. Needed to click the “Trigger a Zapier zap” for this to pop up. Now it’s obvious.

This is also related to Lesson 11 in CodeFree AirBNB training. @brentsum

My Zapier and Bubble integration is still not working. Please let me know if I am missing something. I am thinking that the Webhook between bubble and Zapier is not working for me.

I am performing the following steps:

1- Use Bubble as trigger in the New Zap
2- Obtain the Webhook link
3- In Bubble, put the Webhook link
4- Setup the Fields in Bubble for various Number ,Text, Date fields available in the property screen.
5- Perform the necessary mapping between my google sheet columns and bubble fields in Zapier.
6- In my Zap, I click on Retest Bubble to get another Bubble Action
7- I click on “I did this”
8- I click on view your bubble action link
9- I don’t see any sample values. All I see is the standard values.

Please advice.

Update: Last night it worked for about 10 minutes out of the blue although I didn’t change any information in bubble or zapier. Then the connection is gone again and this morning still not working. @emmanuel

We didn’t push anything, can you check with Zapier’s log what is being sent?