Zapiers zap creating double entries in Bubble Database

I created a zap where it scrapes the data from a received email and creates a new record in my Bubble Database.

But it creates two entries.
One is the correct entry as aspected.
The other is a blank entry.

Is this because of something I did wrong?
How do I fix this?

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Nobody knows without knowing what you did wrong…you can share screen shots if you are unable to figure out what you did wrong on your own.

This is the Zap I created.

Oh, I thought the question was related to Bubble, not zapier…you might want to post this in Zapier forum as well since it looks like your issue is related to how you setup a Zap in Zapier rather than how you setup workflows in Bubble

But, from my complete lack of understanding of how Zapier works, I do believe from the screen shot you provided you have told the Zap to create a thing in Bubble and the next step in the Zap is to create a thing in Bubble, so you seem to have told it to create a thing twice in Bubble.

There are a lot of dummy entries created which aren’t getting deleted.

Are you sure you don’t have two zaps that are doing the same thing without realising? It sounds like you have another zap with the same trigger but haven’t configured the create thing in Bubble action completely so it doesn’t add the data.

The other zaps are all off. But even so the created records do not get deleted from the database.

Why would they get deleted? You haven’t told Bubble or Zapier to delete them…


It would help in debugging if you posted screenshots of one of the zap history runs.
You’ll find this button on your zap.


Ohh I didnt mention. I am manually deleting them from the bubble database.
The entries do not get deleted at all.

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