Workflows Occasionally Creating Empty or Double Things

Hey Everyone… I have a few workflows which are designed to create one Thing, but seem to occasionally create either a Thing which is empty, or two Things - an empty one and a correctly populated one.

Has anyone else ever come across this?

Yes, mine create doubles occasionally. Not very often but it still happens.

Thanks for your reply @bubbleisapps! Do you have any idea why? Do you consider it a bug?

Yes I consider it a bug within bubble. I have never been able to figure out why it does this but it does it on all of my apps, even ones that I created from scratch. I

Interesting. It does it for me with enough regularity that it makes my app look rather unreliable and not something I’m keen to sell to others!

When it happened, do you look at the LOG if anything is in double? Timestamps? Do you have things in a loop? Calling two workflows at the same time? A button is pressed fast enough to create two clicks? Screenshot the result. We need to know and fix it :slight_smile: