Zenify - Mindfulness & Focus Training Bot for Telegram (First Telegram Bot made on Bubble)

Hey Bubblers,

I don’t have to tell you about benefits of meditation and mindfulness as it’s already a common knowledge and there are dozens of apps for that . The challenge though is to remember to dedicate time to the practice and to motivate oneself to actually do that.

We have built Zenify Telegram Bot to overcome that challenge as it will not wait for you to remember about meditation, rather Zenify would send you meditative assignments and mindfulness reminders throughout your day. And will do so at random intervals when you least expect them. This will be pulling you out of your routine and returning your attention and focus back to yourself. That in turn will help you build the habit and muscle of being mindful, focused and balanced. Always in the present moment.

Zenify was initially built as an iOS and Android app and was translated to 10 languages. We thought that the concept falls nicely into a bot as well so we built this Telegram bot. If the feedback is positive we will do the same for Slack :slight_smile:

There are numerous benefits of meditation but in general it changes the lives and the world to the better. So why not make this happen together? Tune in to your senses and help us spread the word, because it is time to live :slight_smile: !

Here is the link https://zenifyapp.com/telegram

Much love,

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits

let’s stay in touch on twitter!


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