Ziggeo - Allow Screen Recording (allowscreen)

I want to integrate Ziggeo screen recording and need help.

I’ve enabled the ability to add ID attributes to HTML elements. Added the html element to my screen recording page:

Also put id attribute as allowscreen for video input.

Regular recording from webcam and uploading works, but I can’t get screen recording to work. How can I get screen recording up and running ?

@ramnoodles Welcome to the community!

Thank you ! I already have added ziggeo video and it is working. However, I can’t get the screen recording feature to work. Are you able to get screen record feature to work?

Hi Ramnoodles,

I think the most important part would be to see which plugin you are using to add Ziggeo to your app. Once this is known people could better assist you with the exact steps you would need.

The Bubble team built plugin that is available as in the video above shared by cmarchan does not have all the options that other plugins provide. To my knowledge the screen recording is also not available for it.

There are few other plugins all covered on the following page: Bubble's Ziggeo Integration - Ziggeo

  • You can see original plugin + 4 other community built plugins mentioned there.

Since our (I work at Ziggeo) docs page update is not yet live with more details about the plugins made by Ryutaro I will post links to each for your convenience here:

  1. Ziggeo Recorder and Player
  2. Customizable Ziggeo Plugin
  3. Advanced Ziggeo Plugin
  4. Comprehensive Ziggeo Plugin

First two are made by same person, while the last 2 are made by different people one of which is a company. They all have different pricing options for you and are a bit different in how they do things.

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:

Thank you I really appreciate that. I downloaded the regular Ziggeo plugin by Bubble. There’s a lot of ziggeo plugins - I wasn’t sure which would do what I want it to do for the screen record feature. Don’t want to get a new plugin if I can achieve my goal with the existing bubble one. I’ll review the links now.

Makes sense and I believe that last 3 on the list would provide you the options for screen recording. Of course this is up to the developers of the Bubble plugin.

It is possible that it is part of the first one as well, however I am not sure if it has screen recording - it is worth reaching out to the developer to check :slight_smile:

Got it, thanks for your response ! :slight_smile:

Someone told me that Joyoshare VidiKit is very suitable for screen recording because this screen recorder can emphasize mouse movement and add a watermark to protect your copyright.