Ziggeo uploading - Verifying Failed consistently

We experience upload failure ~4/5 times no matter if we are using Bubble’s native upload plugin with Ziggeo or Ziggeo’s uploader on Ziggeo dashboard. Screenshot attached. Our videos are generally 2-3h long so the upload takes a long time. Is anyone else experiencing this? My original thought was that perhaps the internet connection is intermittent, but our users also experience upload failure. I’ve brought up the issue with Ziggeo several times over the last couple of months and haven’t seen a solution. Any ideas @bane ?

If you need help @Jacob_D this guy named johnny can help.


Yup thats him! He might be offline right now. But he is fairly quick to respond.

Hey all,

Thanks for the ping. Unfortunately, I haven’t worked with Ziggeo so I’m afraid I can’t be of much help.

Hi Jacob.

Sorry to hear about the same. I checked our system and I believe I found your ticket.

  • Just to be safe, I will not mention any details about it here.

In general, we do not experience the same issue. The same is true for most of our customers. Reality is that we do not have many tickets opened on this looking back few years.

In the Ziggeo Dashboard > Videos there are 2 options. One is through the form (Video Uploader button). This will not allow you to upload large files so it will always fail for very large files. The limit there is about 2 GB.

Uploading through our embedding on Videos page (Video Recorder button) is however different and allows files of any size.

I am going to test things out with the details mentioned in the ticket I found and see if I can recreate it at this time and follow up on the ticket and here.

Will take a bit to download and do tests with such large file mentioned there though :slight_smile:

Update (2021-03-21):
Topic is now closed, so making the update instead to help anyone else that finds this topic in future.

We were able to find and solve the issue. Jocob mentioned that they are now experiencing much faster upload times and that the error was resolved.
The issue was resolved by using the following plugin: Ziggeo Recorder and Player Plugin | Bubble instead of the native one (both free).

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