Question regarding Ziggeo plugin - Native app

I’ve successfully implemented the Ziggeo plugin within my application. Users can upload a video, then it can be displayed when called (on the web preview).

My question is if it will work on mobile. I know the picture uploader is buggy on the Bubble mobile app but works fine when you get your files for upload. Is that the same case for Ziggeo’s video uploader?

The video upload element does not show on the mobile preview, nor do the videos that have been uploaded through the web preview.


I have the same problem, picture uploader is not working on bubble mobile app. Can you explain your solution " works fine when you get your files for upload" ?
Thank you

Hey @brice.achddou, I had no luck getting the ziggeo plugin working on the mobile devices. Sorry :confused:

hie, have you had any luck with the picture uploader problem on mobile app.