Uploading large files

I’m trying to implement a simple upload but for large (often video) files. At the moment I have a form that just opens up a wetransfer page which isn’t ideal. I’m looking to simply be able to receive the files, then we’ll work on them and create a final video (which I’ll figure out how to add to the site, probably using vimeo). So I was wondering if there was a simple way of having a form where the user can upload the files (that are greater than 50mb limit probably), using any api/service it just needs to be really simple and effective. If I can send a piece of info with it (video id or something) then that would be even better.

Really struggling!



Check out this link Uploading files > 50mb?

It’s well documented that there is a limit of 50 MB using bubbles infrastructure. Even the box plug-in is limited to 50 MB due to the fact it transacts via bubble zone infrastructure.

Options Ziggo … As a paid service

HTML element with code using whatever service you want… And cranked code

Filestack… Again that’s a bit of jiggery-pokery with HTML and JS.using the toolbox plugin. Easily achievable and offers you some additional features if it’s video transcoding etc. (On a personal note for a service that’s dedicated for uploading I found it pretty shabby) only for my needs.

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I think I’ll try Ziggeo, if that fails then maybe some html jiggery-pokery. Thanks for the headsup on filestack, I’ll avoid it if it’s a bit clunky as it’ll only get more frustrating!

I think the key issue is the server doing the up/download. With dropbox and particularly wetransfer they deal with the process really well. I’ll see if ziggeo does the same thing.

I’ve found Ziggeo to be very supportive and helpful and @bane has provided in forum support also. They have a free tier which allows you to test. Video plays a significant part of my app (although not +50 MB) but having a reliable, consistent and predictable video platform is absolutely crucial for me. Obviously were all trying to minimise cost and pare down cost to serve but in this case I found it to be a false economy… Sometimes you just have to go premium

I’m with you there. I’m happy to pay for the service and I’d rather get something scalable working out of the box than some clunky workaround that doesnt work.

Do you use the free plugin or is it worth buying the ziggeo pro version?

I haven’t tried the plug-in yet (quite new) if it does everything it says on the tin… Then I would go the pro plug-in route. i I believe @bubblify is relatively new though I get the distinct impression that whoever has developed this has been around for some time and knows their onions. Pretty much all the main plug-in developers I’ve worked with are more than open to allow people to test out their commercial plug-ins on a limited trial/test when they don’t offer a free version. See if they’ll authorise your app for a day or 2 to test.

If you do let me know… Up to a neck in stuff at the moment otherwise I’d ask.
Good luck

Hi to both :slight_smile:

Just wanted to reach out and mention that while I do not know myself how the plugin created by @bubblify works, we had a lot of back and forth with the plugin author and all questions looked good. In general judging from the questions I would say that the plugin will be great as it shows that a great deal of thought was invested, of course I am interested in seeing how it performs as well :slight_smile:

@Bubbleboy thank you for nice words as always :slight_smile:

@paul4 I noticed that you mention DropBox, and if you want to push your videos there, it is very simple to set up auto push service in your Ziggeo account to push all or some streams (for example video after your logo is applied to it, or original stream - as is - and alike). So set it once and get it always kind of a deal :slight_smile:

We also now have official Zapier app so it would be possible to add that into any additional workflows that you might be after.

PS: For any non plugin related details, just tag me in your question, as soon as I see it I like to come here and talk with all of you great people :slight_smile:

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Thanks bane, sounds perfect.

Could you just clarify what you mean by “We also now have official Zapier app so it would be possible to add that into any additional workflows that you might be after.” What is the official Zapier app?


Sorry, ignore that, I was having a brain fade moment! I’ll look into Zapier. I’m trying to avoid having too many services running on top of each other as there’s so much that can go wrong!

we have just published a solution for this File uploads > 50MB + Video Capture - New Plugin from Zeroqode

See this [New Feature] [Beta] Large file uploads, we just released a way to go way beyond :slight_smile:

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