Ziggeo video player SDK/plugin version

How can I check to find out what version of Ziggeo’s SDK is currently active on Bubble as a plugin? I am planning to upgrade my plan with them but I am hesitant because I don’t know if I’ll have access to all of the new features. Right now the new features are only available in JS: v2 / Revision: v1-r26

Hi Philip,

I am Bane from Ziggeo support. We noticed your question and I think that it might be of use for others thinking the same as well, so hopefully my reply will help you and others :).

In general, if you are using Ziggeo plugin within the Bubble, then the answer is always v1-stable.

What this means is that JavaScript Version would be equal to Ver 1 and JavaScript Revision would be v1-stable , which is v1-r25 ( at this time).

We always move the stable tag to point to a newer revision after enough of feedback on some revision, allowing us to safely introduce new features to our system and allowing implementations, like the one in Bubble plugin to always get updated with latest patches.

Having that said, we are thinking of possible ways you could add our system into Bubble while still allowing Bubble experience in terms of implementation.


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Thank you for the reply Bane!


Is this a situation where Bubble would need to make upgrades to the plugin to capitalize on new features, or is Ziggeo the creator of the plugin? I understand that most people are not on a paid Ziggeo plan, but seeing as there may be more folks considering upgrading to one of the premium plans I think it’d be nice to have more control over the API calls (ability to grab video metadata would be nice, for instance). I would consider sponsoring development of new features to take further advantage of your API, but perhaps it would be in the interest of Ziggeo to build an advanced plugin now that any Bubble developer can release public plugins. Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Of course :slight_smile:

Team from Bubble had actually created the plugin. I had a chance to talk with some of them and they all seemed great and eager to have things work nicely between our two systems, so the reason why such set of options is available I think comes to the fact that at that time we did not have all the features we do have at this time and that they picked what they thought would be best / most interesting.

I did not know about the creating plugins myself, so that is interesting and I will mention it to others in our team to see what they think of it, however can not promise anything other than consideration of the same at this time.

Of course if someone was to work on creating such plugin, we would be more than happy to assist with it :slight_smile:


Thanks Bane, that makes perfect sense. I will be reaching out to fellow Bubble devs to discuss creating an advanced plugin some time in the near future. Great to know Ziggeo will be able to assist if we run into problems! Do you happen to know if we can pull in metadata (video length, thumbnail, etc) and moderate videos via the API? I can start an email thread with Ziggeo support if that is preferable to the forums.

Hi Philip,

Emails and forums (we have forums as well) work just fine for us :slight_smile:
In terms of API, yes we have such nodes available: https://ziggeo.com/docs/sdks/javascript/api

For example, to get all videos (their metadata, or search for specific ones and get their metadata) you would use index() function.

To get the thumbnail you could use image() and link to video through source() methods.

As you will see on the page above, you could do the same for the streams as well (as one video can have several streams - by default there are “original” and the “default” 640x480 .mp4 SD profile).

In terms of moderation, I do think that we expose some of the parts to the outside, however that would definitely then depend on the settings in the profile, will look into this as I am not 100% sure on this.

Oh and in regards to the plugin. I had talked with others in our team and it sounds great that a custom plugin can now be built, however we have other plans on roadmap that we wanted to prioritize so while definitely interested we could not work on it right away. having that said we would be willing to provide some sort of referral bonus partnership from our side to those that are interested in creating and maintaining the same :slight_smile:

Just let me know here if you are (or someone else) interested and we can talk further about that part over email :slight_smile:


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We also had many problems with Ziggeo and the default Ziggeo plugin and got a perfectly working solution for all issues using the Advanced Ziggeo plugin built by Bubblify.