Zoho Office Integrator API


I’m trying to connect the zoho office integrator API, which allows users to send a document (.docx, .xlsx, etc.) to a document editor, edit it and send back the file to my bubble app storage.

I managed to send and edit the document, but I’m having trouble saving the document in my bubble storage.

It’s something with save “save_url” parameter.

Can you help me out with it? Money is a bit tight, so if we can finish this in an hour or so would be very helpful!


Not sure that will work. Bubble expects the data in a very specific format, and it doesn’t appear Zoho sends it in the way Bubble expects (which is in JSON format with the content of the file base64 encoded).

That’s not to say a solution couldn’t be developed - perhaps using a proxy endpoint - but unless I missed something in my cursory look at the Zoho docs, I don’t’ think you can specify a Bubble endpoint directly via the Zoho save_url parameter.

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I’ve battled Zoho CRM’s APIs and while is not Zoho Docs it might be useful nonetheless.

The best way I found to manipulate and interact with my Zoho data was by building my own APIs with Zoho. I’m not sure Zoho Docs has that functionality, though. You could test it out using Zoho Flow. It might have some pre-built Zoho Docs integrations or you can write your own scripts using their Deluge language.

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