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Zoom API V2 - New Plugin

Zoom Meetings API V2.0 + OAuth

  • Authenticate user using Zoom.

  • Automatically captures the access_token from the authentication step and allows you to:

    • Create a Meeting (instant, schedule, recurring)
    • Update a Meeting
    • Delete a Meeting
  • Authentication can be used in your workflow through “Signup/login through social network action”

  • All other actions could be accessed through “plugins” tab in workflow.

Plugin page
Demo App
Demo APP Editor


This sounds neat. Does it display the zoom in browser or is it really just for retrieving zoom session details?

It doesn’t deal directly with the display of zoom. When you create a meeting with the plugin, that returns data, which includes: “start meeting url”, “join meeting url”, etc. You can see full data here
It’s up to you then to save the data and/or display it to the user. For example, you can show the “join meeting” as a link to your user and when they click, it’ll display zoom and open the app if they have it.

I hope that answers your question.


I am trying to test this plugin on your demo page.
In my zoom App “Redirect URL for OAuth” =
Fill in the inputs (Zoom Client ID and Basic base64_client_id: secret).
But with “Login With Zoom” I get the following error:

{“StatusCode”: 400, “body”: {“status”: “ERROR”, “message”: “Missing state from oauth provider”}}

When you login with Zoom, is that also updating the user so you can basically use Zoom login like login with Facebook, etc?

Also, to confirm… is the main use case for this to create Zoom meeting rooms/urls on the fly inside your app?

This is a zoom account issue, not a plugin issue. Basically, zoom used to allow a demo app credentials, without forcing me to officially publish an app on their marketplace. They changed it and I applied for app approval and still waiting. Again, this is my zoom account issue, not the plugin. The plugin will work fine with your credentials.

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Yes, it works like a facebook login, etc. through OAuth.
You are correct about the use case. This plugin is focused on allowing you and your app users to create, update and delete meetings.

Hey @edshadi, does that mean in order for the plugin to work, my app has to be published on the zoom marketplace (the same way they are forcing you to do)?

When I put my redirect URL for OAuth as below:, I’m getting the same error:

{“StatusCode”: 400, “body”: {“status”: “ERROR”, “message”: “Missing state from oauth provider”}}

Seems like the major roadblock. How can this be solved?

Hi @ishaan.karanjkar, this is a normal requirement for any API provider. They will require you to register an app and, many times, they have to approve it first. So, in this regard, Zoom is just following the standards/norm. The issue I’m having is very specific to my case, where I’m not actually building an app, I just wanted to demo how to build one. So, you should be completely fine, just register your app and provide some info on Zoom marketplace and wait for approval.

Hi @edshadi, I already bought the plugin, but having the issue after the calling “signup/login with zoom” action, I cant find the way to read the result code, so I cant get access token. In the demo I saw you receive it from the URL redirection, but its not working on my app. Can you explain more about how the redirection send the code or give an idea of what I’m doing wrong?

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@edshadi I’m facing the same problem as @softwarefactory502. How to get the access token needed to create meeting (or any of the other actions)?

The get token action returns a peculiar “Invalid Client ID” error

Hi everyone, I’m working on video instructions to show you the best way to use this plugin. It works fine, but you have to setup a few links between it and zoom. Stay tuned.

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@ishaan.karanjkar @softwarefactory502 please checkout the new video instruction: