API to help users hold zoom meeting on Bubble

I am looking for an API that can allow users to hold zoom meetings in my App. I was thinking of the possibility to show zoom platform in a group, say floating group, in my App with videos and audio working well but not sure if there can be a way around this. Any idea on how to do this? Or does any one knows of another meeting platform which allows this?

Check out this plugin-

You can even see which api he is using inside the plugin.

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Hi @jpeangeles,
One question, you want to let user login to they own Zoom account (by OAuth 2.0) or you want to handle all the meetings in one “aplication”
Zoom account (by JWT token).

If you want the first way (OAuth) and let the every user login to their Zoom account, better forget it, and find another solutions (maybe google Meet?). The reason is that you cant pass Zoom submission proces with bubble… (Becouse bubble jQuery library is to old) I was fighting with zoom subbmition for few months and afrer this got nothing. Zoom didn’t submit the app and bubble support says IT not that easy for them to update this…

For the second way, it should be ale to work. Becouse you dont need all this complocated subbmision proces.

Thanks for your reply it18. Yes, I want to handle all the meetings in one application, preferably my App so that participants don’t have to switch between my App and zoom during meetings. Initially, I had this idea to embed zoom into my App and display it in a group which can be fixed as a banner on a page in my App so that participants can see other participants and also able to use the features in my App. I don’t know if this can work in the second case you explained above. Please shed some more light.

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