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Zoom in native app - Solved

I want to share an issue I had in my native app and I it can be easily solved:
The problem was that every text-input in my app was automatically zoomed in but not zoomed out, so it obliged the user to manually zoom out every screen.
Well, it seems that iOS automatically zooms in every input, so that the user can see every letter in an appropriate size. The best way to solve this “zoom in” issue is to put size 20 to the font of every input box. Hope it helps.


Thanks @Diego

Just another tidbit about this: The font size you need to use depends on what screen width/resolution you use for your app. For example, I use a width of 640 for my app, and I have to use font size 32 to prevent zooming.

Just as a general rule of thumb, if your phone zooms in when you click an input, you need to make your font bigger.

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