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Zoom Integration

I am tackling the first project with bubble, which i love btw. My current obstacle is getting the api connector setup to work with the plugin in the marketplace doesn’t work for me. I have the api connector setup and working with some other providers and it seems pretty easy. So here is where I am.

The process works and prompts me to login with my account at Zoom but then it gives me an error.

I parsed out the html and its basically a page not found. I cannot figure out for the life of me what page its trying to find. It isn’t returning back to the bubble app. I’ve reviewed the zoom app settings and cannot find anything related to redirects there. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

By the way, I am not interested in video chats, etc. I want to pull meetings and recordings from zoom.

Look here
You will see that you dont have the right base url
Example. User url is


Oh my, complete oversight on my part. thank you @Jici Working now. I pulled that url from some documentation. Very very much appreciate your help.

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I’m working on creating an app that uses Zoom, is your app public facing? If yes, could you share it?