Integrating a Zoom Marketplace Apps with Bubble

We’re trying to allow our users to log in with Zoom and create Zoom meetings from each of their events with us, but we’re running in to a small challenge. To do this, Zoom requires us to make an app on their marketplace, which we’ve done, but then requires us to:

Where we’re stuck is trying to create a folder on the root, because in settings it looks like we can only host a file and we don’t have the ability to create a folder.

Has anyone been successful in either (i) connecting a Zoom marketplace app to their Bubble domain or (ii) adding a folder to the root directory?

As always, any thoughts or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey @brian

You can ask them to verify via the DNS

Here is a post on their forum for anyone else who gets stuck.

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Thanks @StevenM - this is super helpful. We’ve gone down this route and it’s been a bit of a hassle with Zoom’s customer service (we’re being told by their own customer service team that they might not be able to verify this way), but we’re hopeful we’ll get there in the end.

Definitely appreciate the heads up. Thanks!

You could have a look at our latest Zoom plugin. It allows your users to create meetings without authorization from your side.

You can use the return values and add them to your event data.

The token is processed dynamically on the server-side and not exposed publicly.