Zoom subbmit - problem with Technical Design Document review

Hello Bubblers,

I try to run Zoom APIs in production, for all users in my app. Every API call works well. Now we facing Zoom Maeketplace seciurity review, and failed it becouse of not updated wersion of jQuery library. They need at last version 3.5 but now version 3.3.1 was detected.

And now my question is, can i do something to update this jQuery library on my own, or it is work need to be done by the bubble team?
Did any of people who run Zoom integration successfully facing simmilar problem?

I don’t think you have control on JQuery version.

How you are integrating the zoom API via API connector or some plugin?

Have you written this to Bubble support?

That’s what I was worried about.

I’m integrating zoom via API Connector by myself.

I didn’t write to bubble support yet, but looks like I need to.

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Hi it18. Tell me, now faced with this situation, did you manage to solve the problem?

Hi @tsapkovalexander

Not at all. I write to bubble support and they tell that isn’t tahat simple for them to update this code and suggest it stays how it was now for nearby future.

For this reason, I had to abandon my long journey with zoom… and instead I chose and implement Google Meet, witch take me a LOT of time less to make it work (in case i have my app submitet to google cloud platform, it took me 2 days to make it work). If you do similar I can share my API connector settings becouse I keep all the proces of connecting to Google Calendar API manually. (Yes Google meets need a Calendar Api to make new event with videoconference).