📝 ZQ Rich Text Editor 2.0 - New Plugin From Zeroqode

Completely rewritten from the ground up, the RTE plugin just got smarter with new version 2.0. Lighter and more efficient code made the plugin element simple to use and feature-rich.

Rich Text Editor toolbar comes equipped from bold, italic, underline options to attaching a link or uploading a file (image). Change the heading size or choose from more than 20 fonts.

This plugin supports lightweight mode, mentions, hashtags, pasting images from the clipboard and other useful features that make this plugin a really powerful WYSIWYG Editor.

For pricing, demos and other details please check this page: Advanced Rich Text Editor Plugin for Bubble | Plugin for Bubble by Zeroqode

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@levon, the demo link gives me a blank page.

this one? https://zeroqode-demo-06.bubbleapps.io/rte

Wait! It needs thirteen seconds to load the page.

Are you not able to disable things in toolbar? There is too much stuff available.

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Hello @mark1

There is no such possibility in the latest version, 2.0. We believe by providing the feature rich toolbar makes the plugin used best.
Disabling tool by tool via plugin proprieties would had been bloated the code, and maintaining it would’ve been a nightmare.
Thanks for understanding.

Kind Regards,
Zeroqode Team.

@ZeroqodeSupport I still think this is a mistake, unfortunately, as I’ve posted elsewhere (I’ve bought your RTE plugin).

From a business-perspective, I imagine you’re going to see a lot fewer purchases (and more for the BDK text editor, since it allows the removal of items) as a result of that decision.

Thanks for feedback.

We appreciate it, and we always take notes regarding any additional ideas or feature requests. We sincerely appreciate your insight because it helps us build a better product.
Thanks for understanding.

Zeroqode Team.

Hi @ZeroqodeSupport

I’m experiencing an issue that I’m seeing with every rich text editor in the store, that it “steals” focus wherever it is on the page, which ruins UX. Since this issue is so prevalent, I assume it’s a Bubble thing. I’ve tried a range of different workaround without success. Disabling the input stops it from autofocusing, but the second it’s enabled again, it goes right back.

Using it in a Repeating Group is impossible, as it will skip from one input to the next as they load, making the page skip all over the place.

Do you know of any workarounds for this, or is there something that can be changed in the plugin to avoid this behavior?

Hello @petter, thank you for reaching out!

Could you please share a screenshot or video of the issue you are facing. It will be really helpful to see what do you mean by “steals” focus.

Best Regards,
Zeroqode Team

Sure, I can’t get one right now, but will fix when I’m back in the editor.

What I mean is that whenever the Rich Text Editor is finished loading, made visible or input made active, the browser will move the input focus to the RTE, and scroll to the element. It gets priority over every other element on page.

Ok, got it. Unfortunately in the current version of the plugin is not possible to not focus on the element after it’s loaded. Our team will update the plugin in order to make possible to not focus automatically on elements. We will let you know when the updated version of the plugin will be published.

Best Regards,
Zeroqode Team

Awesome, thank you!

Hello @petter,

The updated version of the plugin is published. Please update the plugin to the latest version. With the current, version you shouldn’t face anymore the problem with focusing on the element on page load.

Best Regards,
Zeroqode Team

Hi @ZeroqodeSupport,

That’s awesome, just tested it and works. Thanks, I appreciate it!

I noticed another bug by the way. I’m not affected by it, but you may want to look into it. If you place a ZQ RTE Lite editor on a page that has fixed width, the floating toolbar is not displayed properly:

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Hello @petter

Glad to hear that the update worked.
Thanks for reporting the issue! We’ll need to check this out.

Zeroqode Team.

Dear @petter,

Thanks once again for reporting the issue. Our team fixed that issue and published the updated version of the plugin. On the latest version, this issue should not reproduce anymore.

Best Regards,
Zeroqode Team.

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Great @ZeroqodeSupport, thanks!

@levon you need to fix the obnoxious toolbar on this editor. We don’t need complete flexibility but a basic and an advanced would suffice. After testing every rich text editor in the plugin library (even all the paid ones) I’m happy to recommend this as the thus far being the most stable with the most usable functions. The only problem is that my users simply can’t deal with the overwhelming number of buttons. They aren’t sure if the buttons are actual text editing buttons or functions I’ve built for them in the app. I know it sounds stupid, but I kind of see their point.

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you can use the light version, did you try?