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ZQ Rich Text Editor - New Plugin From Zeroqode

Hello! Thanx for your answer!
But let me clarify:

  1. I use a custom plugin from AirDev to send HTML email and it works great with your RTE - single problem is a terrible way to save images :frowning:
    I’ve chosen your plugin instead of bubble’s rich text editor because your RTE has HTML output. So thank you for BBcode suggestion but it isn’t suitable for my case.
  2. I’ve tried to upgrade RTE yesterday but there was a bug: the cursor jumps at the start of the text with every new symbol added. I’ve downgraded RTE back :woman_shrugging:
  3. I’m waiting sooo much for any your suggestions about ways to solve the “images uploading” problem! Don’t wanna switch to another plugin
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Hi @ZeroqodeSupport

Do you have an example of this you could share? This would fix the database size issue if users are able to click the image upload icon in your RTE and it save in the same way as the simple file uploader :+1:

P.S. I also noticed in the Bubble performance documentation that they put a warning against saving images within the database field itself.

Hello, @vasilina.leushina
Thanks for your questions.

Please allow us to provide you with some comments on your requests.

There is 2 reasons for this behavior:

  • You have a characters limit, so when you exceed it , the cursor jumps at the beggigning of the text. So, please check the limit of the characters.
  • Please check if your input ( where you are typing the text) is not using the dynamic data. Sometimes, it can cause the text to be autosaved, so that Bubble will load that information.

So, as it was mentioned earlier, you can save the image only as an HTML code, and after it - retrieve it.

Please try all these points and let us know about your result.
Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

Hello, @richard16

Please allow us to provide you with more details on this matter because the scenario is a bit different.
There is no possibility to upload an icon in RTE and save it in the same way as with a simple uploader.
If we are speaking about the AWS platform, the plugin comes with the multi-file uploader element as well as the S3 objects element that returns a list of all the files uploaded to your AWS S3 bucket or a special folder on that bucket.
This list of files is provided as a list of the links. So, exactly these links you can try to use in the RTE element.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any examples of this, because we are not dealing with the custom configuration and guidance for some specific use cases.

This is just a recommendation for storing a huge amount of the different data in the DataBase as one entry like if you try to stuff all the contents from Wikipedia into that one field, it probably will not work as well.

In case of any plugin-related questions will appears, please let us know.
Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

This is still causing us a big issue and it looks like there isn’t a solution for us using your plugin which is a real shame as everything else works so well, and your support is so responsive.

It’s a big issue IMO as the plugin doesn’t allow image size uploads to be limited, and it also stores the raw data within the database field. This means we’ve had users uploading huge images using the plugin which has killed performance. And there’s no way for us to stop users doing so :cry:

Same with our case :frowning:
To save the app we’ve done the next actions:

  • hide “image icon” from the toolbar with ".ql-image {display: none !important;} " in header styles
  • add a note for users " how to add image". It guides to use “ctrl+c / ctrl + v” for images that are already hosted on the other websites → image will be inserted correctly (as an URL)
  • And now we’re searching for another RTE plugin without this problem. Unfortunately :frowning:

@vasilina.leushina Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, with our situation we’ve just had to disable images for now. And like you, we’re also going to have to find a suitable RTE plugin that hyperlinks to images stored in your Bubble account rather than stores the image data inline. I’ve not looked into this yet so if you find anything before me, I’d appreciate it if you could let me know. And of course, if I look and find something myself, I’ll let you know too.

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Hello, @vasilina.leushina and @richard16
Thank you for your valuable comments here :pray:

We are always open to suggestions and feedback from the users in case they encounter difficulties or bugs with them.
Thus, please allow us to check if it is possible to limit the image size in the plugin properties :pray:

We will revert with our feedback at the nearest time. We will really appreciate your patience and understanding :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

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Hi @ZeroqodeSupport

When I use the plugin to display, there seems to be about 15 pixels padding around the display.
Is there a way to change/remove this padding?

BTW, re: image discussion. I’m using the component in a chat app, and if you look at how images are pasted in Slack/Discord is really what I’d love to see. ie, as requested by others, the image is saved elsewhere and embeds in the RTE as a thumbnail that can be clicked on to show fulls-size.


Hello, @philsim
Thanks for your request.

Please allow us to analyze it and to revert with an update ASAP. Thank you!

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team