1 CLICK Button to Send All?


as you can see the image below i have an RG and each of them has a SEND REMINDER button, and above the RG there’s a SEND ALL REMINDER button

How can i make it do the workflow by just clicking 1 button “Send All Reminder” instead of clicking each Send Reminder button?

Workflow for Schedule API im not sure what to put please help

Form ID = my identifier for each form (i need to get the id for each data)
Status = i will send reminder to all forms that has “Incomplete” status
Link = as soon as i got the form id i know what to do on this part
Email = same as above

Hey @jigsgfx.gj :wave:

Try ‘this suppliers…’ in each of those fields.

This suppliers form ID

This suppliers status

This suppliers Link

This suppliers Email

Would that work? :man_shrugging:t2:

yes i actually tried this and it works thank you :slight_smile:

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Awesome :clap: Glad it helped.

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