How to send email reminder to a list of users each with multiple things

I have users who create multiple job posts, each with separate reminders. I have an API workflow setup which sends an email reminder on the scheduled date for each job individually. So if there are 3 job posts for today, 3 different emails will be sent today to that user.

I want that only 1 email detailing all the job posts should be sent per day but I am stuck with that. How do I search for a list of things and list them all in one email? And can this be automated or will I have to trigger it manually everyday?

Hello, you can Do a search for your list filtering job posts by the due date. This will then display the job post like this: Job Post 1, Job Post 2, Job Post 3.
This isn’t ideal but alternatively you may be able to list them separately manually if you would like to make them a link (e.g Do a search for job posts item#1) if nothing is found it will be left blank.

You should be able to automate that the same way as before. Sorry if I’m on the wrong tracks it’s hard to help without seeing your app.

My setup is like this. I have a button which triggers an API workflow.

Then an email is sent formatted like this

Currently, it is sending blank emails with no job post data inside it.

Have you setup privacy roles that may be preventing the data from being found? Also I don’t think you need the items from #1

I don’t think Privacy settings is a problem. If you can, here is my site setup.

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It’s hard to see fully what’s wrong but it looks like something is wrong in the way you search for job posts. You can add this search to a text element and play about with it until it displays what you need.