Setting up a daily workflow once

Hi all, so I’ve asked about this before and had some very helpful replies, but…I was still never able to execute this properly. Every day it would email the same people, but I hate relying on myself to schedule these emails everyday so want to try again.

Each day my RG updates with a list of emails that need to be sent. I press the ‘create emails button’ and it triggers this api workflow, starts the iteration from 1 so loops through the list:

Here’s the rest of the workflow that it triggers:

I’d like to now create a workflow that will trigger the first step every single day so I don’t have to…I’d be super grateful if anyone could explain in layman terms how I do this pretty please?


Do you have a field in your Bride Thing to track if an email has been sent? For example a “Notified” yes/no type field.

Hi, I don’t no, I could add one if needed, but the RG data does change every day. What I previously struggled with is the workflow to set the new recipients each day

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