1% of clients unable to access site

This began 2 weeks ago. Clients and employees calling and telling me they could not access the site (no page would load) . I shrugged it off as bad internet, (the site always loaded for me when others could not access it.) But it finally happened to me a few days ago.

The problem remedies itself within 15-60 minutes or so, but it’s happened a dozen times in the last 2 weeks. Is anyone else having issues?

Did you change any domain settings recently or rename certain pages?

When clients, employees, and yourself had no page load, did your app have timeouts? was bubble down?

Does anyone login on same device to multiple accounts?

We’ve had this same problem with a couple of customers on Comcast in Florida the past week. We have customers all over the nation so I’m pretty sure it was related to their ISP specifically.

To quote a Bubble engineer from an old thread on this forum about a similar issue:

“It’s always DNS.”

Odds are pretty strong that if these affected users change the DNS server they’re using, they’ll be able to access your site. This can be done on their router or on their computer. Please note that some ISPs block changing the DNS server as a security measure, so your users may need to contact their ISP for assistance with this.

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