A Perplexing Issue - Server Not Found

Hey all - just wondering if someone might help me troubleshoot an issue I’m seeing with my Bubble site. Every now and then (like right now), when I try to access my Bubble site, I get this error message:

  • This only happens every once-in-a-while - not normally an issue
  • This only happens when I’m on my wifi (and now one of my users’ just reported this on their wifi, also)… When I test the website on my phone’s LTE, my Bubble site loads perfectly
  • Other folks in our distributed team have no issues (on different Wifi networks)
  • The error message always appears whether I try Chrome, Safari, or Firefox… Then, magically, when I connect my computer to my Phone’s LTE, it all loads perfectly again… on all three browsers
  • I’ve submitted a bug report to Bubble, but they can’t seem to reproduce the issue on their end - so it’s tough for them to find a solution…

I have not yet transitioned to Cloudflare - although this issue did occur a few times prior to the Cloudflare rollout, so that may not be a factor here.

Any tech gurus out there have any idea as to what this issue could be?

Thanks in advance!

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These last two weeks make me want to get this shirt:

It’s an odd problem, but based on your description, somehow your router has pulled a bad DNS entry for your website. It’s hard to figure out the specifics without sitting in the same room as you, but:

Most people don’t override their DNS settings, and so use the network to figure out what DNS servers to use. So when you get what’s called a DHCP lease, your computer then calls to the router (located at or similar) to ask what DNS servers to use. If those servers don’t have a record of your website, then you’ll get the error you see here.

Last week, two of our engineers couldn’t load up AWS, because our ISP decided that it didn’t know who AWS is anymore. The solution for them, and probably for you, is to go to Network → Advanced → DNS and choose better servers.

Google’s servers are at and
Cloudflare’s DNS is
OpenDNS is and

Make sure the settings stick, close the window, and hit “Apply” to update your servers.


Wow, @peterj - THANK YOU! Worked like a charm :slight_smile:

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