1 repeating group and another floating group? displaying info based on the selected cell

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I have 2 groups on the page.
The left smaller section is a repeating group (group1) which lists users in card format with basic details about them.

When a card is clicked the other group on the right (group2) is populated with the selected user’s details. This group (group2) displays more information about the user.

When the repeating group has many elements, I would scroll down to see the 60th user. The problem is the group2 stays on top. I click the 60th user, its details are passed to the group2 but I then need to scrool up to see the details which is bad experience.

Question is whether group2 can follow me when I scrool down :slight_smile:

You should just be able you put group2 in a Floating group.

Look here…Responsive Repeating group


Or … use a searchbox element whose data source is your users and set it to look for a users name or a users email … or whatever user field you want. Put it on the left or on top of group 2. Once a user is found use the “searchbox value” (the found/chosen user) to see his details in group 2.

If you prefer to use the left rg … put it in a floating group as @twilson9034 recommended. Make sure you make the fg to have the same height of the page and to float relatively to “both”. This will make the rg to show a scroll bar to scroll up or down your user rows as the fg will get fixed on the page (it will be floating relatively to the top and bottom of the page). The result will be scrolling users and a fixed group 2 with the details of the selected user right next to it even if it is user #60 or further down the list.

Hope this makes sense.

Best of luck with your app :+1:t2:

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Thank you for the link.

I tried the float in the past and couldn’t make it work but I gave another go this time and it works!

Thanks for the advise. I made the right group (group2) floating and left the group (group1) as a normal group.

It more or less works as I want with some responsive issues which I always have with bubble. ( I hate responsive engine in bubble :slight_smile: )

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This video could spark some ideas

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Thanks for the video. I love her content, I have the VIP subscription to her channel.

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