Please Help! Repeating Group - Show Rows 2+ on page load

Hello, i have a repeating group showing search results of user profiles. On page load, the repeating group loads to only show the first row of the group. It isn’t until you hover over the repeating group and begin to scroll down that additional rows appear.
This is a problem because if a user views the page and doesn’t realize you need to scroll down, it will appear to them that only the top row’s search result was returned.

What am i doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think this is because you have setup it up for Vertical Scrolling although it should show the first few.

I am not sure, but maybe the second is not in view immediately on page load and so it is shown only after scroll.

What is in your conditional tab?
Do you have any workflows that state anything about this repeating group that could be messing with it?
Any States that are conflicting?

Thanks for the comment. I’ve tried changing it to every type of scrolling and still seeing the same issue. It’s definitely something to do with the page load. Unfortunately can’t figure out what the setting is.

Thanks, Troy. The conditional tab is only that the group is hidden when there are no search results. But that should affect all cells and not just rows 2 and onwards.

Have you tried setting your RG’s layout style to full list? You may also want to set and size your RG to show 1 row.

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