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1 Thing Plugin - Index Finder - Get the index number for any item in your list

Hey @eli,

Not sure why but I cant seem to get the actual index to load. Is there another action needed after completing “Find Index a Find Index”?

No, that action automatically returns the index. Can you drop a screen shot of your set up here?

The current user’s rostered is a selected list of performers. I’m looking to get the index from that list for the parent groups performer.

That set up looks accurate except you will need to trigger the action on a native bubble event trigger (ie click, input change, etc)

The event ‘A find index is found’ triggers after the ‘find index’ action runs.

Realized that I needed to ad a break before the action.

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I want to count orders in database. Index is the best way to do it but how to configure it?
Or should I search it some other way?

This sort of plugin would be great if it could run in a backend WF @eli

Consider, for example, sending your current position in a waiting list via an automated email, for example; your team’s rank in some group activity via email, etc.

Any chance for an update?

Try this action? :grinning:

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Just tested it and it’s working WONDERS!
It’s being used in a competitive app where I’ll update participants on their current rank.

Thank you so much for this useful little tool!

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Glad it’s helpful!