1 Thing Plugin - Index Finder - Get the index number for any item in your list

Hey @eli,

Not sure why but I cant seem to get the actual index to load. Is there another action needed after completing “Find Index a Find Index”?

No, that action automatically returns the index. Can you drop a screen shot of your set up here?

The current user’s rostered is a selected list of performers. I’m looking to get the index from that list for the parent groups performer.

That set up looks accurate except you will need to trigger the action on a native bubble event trigger (ie click, input change, etc)

The event ‘A find index is found’ triggers after the ‘find index’ action runs.

Realized that I needed to ad a break before the action.

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I want to count orders in database. Index is the best way to do it but how to configure it?
Or should I search it some other way?

This sort of plugin would be great if it could run in a backend WF @eli

Consider, for example, sending your current position in a waiting list via an automated email, for example; your team’s rank in some group activity via email, etc.

Any chance for an update?

Try this action? :grinning:

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Just tested it and it’s working WONDERS!
It’s being used in a competitive app where I’ll update participants on their current rank.

Thank you so much for this useful little tool!

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Glad it’s helpful!

I am having trouble getting this plugin to work. Any advice on what I am doing wrong? I saw that in a previous comment you said to run the action in another native bubble event, but still have the A Find Index is Found event ( I assume nothing in it). Can’t get the index number to show up (I double checked to make sure the constraints were correct as well, but it still doesn’t pull up any index #. Any help is greatly appreciated! @eli

@kngf222 the way you have it setup looks correct. Is the element visible on the page before this workflow is run?

The FindIndex element is visible on page load and so is the text box that is displaying the current index of the element. However, they are both in a group that starts out as invisible on page load. However, that group becomes visible and in the same workflow is the find index action. However, the group becomes visible before the find index action.

That should be still work but I would try putting the find index element somewhere on the page so it is visible on page load and not inside a hidden group to see if that solves your issue.

Secondarily, you may try displaying the error result of the element to see if it is returning an error.

Third, it could be the item is not being passed into the action. Bubble recently wrote this on another post:

Read more here: Tip: Order of Operation - #2 by aschofer

I tried what you suggested and it still didn’t work. I found List Shifter and tried their “Get Index” action but that didn’t work either. Not as clear how to use that plugin but either way it still didn’t work, so I am not sure what the reason is for this. Is there some setting I need to change? All my datatypes are public

Edit: I also tried doing the Find Index on a page load and passed the condition to run the action, but it still didn’t show the index number/where it was in the database. It just says “oops, there was an error” or something like that when I do the step-by-step and that is what it shows in the error tab for the Find Index

hey @eli , this plugin has been great! I was wondering if you had a way to add a feature…

I am trying to compile averages for indexes of items in 160 lists. Is there any way to run this on many different lists like this? For example, I want the indexes of all items with a certain name value in this list of lists.

Right now i think the only way is to set up a recursive workflow… but i’d really like to just have a one step process :slight_smile:


Hi @eli thank you for making this plugin! Very useful. However, it seems a bit buggy? I went through the steps above and read the article on order of operations. But it seems as if the plugin is hit or miss.

Any thoughts? Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

I’m getting the “Oops, something went wrong” error.

Digging in a little, it seems to be caused by running list_of_things.length()

But I’ve never worked on a Bubble plugin so I’m pretty lost now. Any ideas what’s causing this error?

Oddly, it is only broken the first time it’s run. If I run it a second time, the error goes away. There needs to be a delay of at least 400ms though.

Hey @brenton.strine,

The “oops something went wrong” error is normally caused by a timeout loading the data. I definitely think that’s the issue here since it’s working the second time through. Likely because the data is already loaded to the page from the first attempt.

I would try to preload the data by setting a custom state or a hidden repeating group and that should solve the issue.

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I’m also encountering problems trying to use this plugin. Are there any video examples?

In short, I’ve got an app with “blocks” that each have a value. In the page for each individual block, I want to display it’s global rank (e.g. Search for “block”, sort by “value”, descending “yes” and then get the index).

I’ve created a “FindIndex A” element on the page and put a “Find Index FindIndex A” into the workflow for that page under when Page is loaded. Here’s what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 12.04.00 PM

And here are the settings:

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 12.04.25 PM

Nothing displays in the FindIndex A element when I load the page, but if I use the inspector and step through slowly, I can see that an index of 55 is found (for the block I’m looking at) but the element isn’t visible.

I tried adding another workflow of “When FindIndex A is found” to show FindIndex A. This seems to have no effect. Also, if I don’t use the debugger to step through slowly on page load, instead of an index of #55, the item has an “oops something went wrong error”. (either way, nothing displays).

Any ideas?