2 Factor authorization

Currently the name of the application has to be entered in a popup field to confirm deletion of an application.
Wouldn’t it be safer to set a custom password to confirm application removal? Since application removal can’t be undone the ability to set a custom password to prevent abuse or accidental removal would be very welcome. Anyone else supporting this idea?


I totally disagree actually. As a community of users I think we need to be responsible for what we highlight to Bubble as useful additions, enhancements or requests. I would see this as the personal responsibility of the user managing their own applications…if you look at AWS they do the same. Why make it more complicated by adding passwords and additional process when it’s actually unnecessary. I think as individual users we have the responsibility to put our own checks and balances in place. Just my thoughts.

I agree that users have their responsibilities, but in case someone manages to get access to a Bubble account now, that person can also delete all applications, whereas this is not possible if there’s a custom password set to confirm the deletion of applications. It’s not that much of work for Bubble either in my opinion to change the “type current application’s name” field to a custom password field in the application removal popup.

If they have access to your apps stopping delete wont stop your actual issue. What needs to be asked for here in my opinion is 2 step auth on bubble accounts incase you dont want to auth through sso and force your sso provider to inforce 2 step.


I do fully agree with that and therefore I changed the title of this idea thread.

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