2-step authentication with a 5-digit authentication code

Hey guys!

I am trying to implement 2-step authentication using a 5-digit authentication code.
I was able to implement it normally. However, I want to implement the following and am having trouble understanding how to do it.

★I want to make the input field for the authentication code not one Input, but five Inputs.
★I want to combine the values of Input code1 to 5 into a 5-digit integer.

If anyone knows of an approach that can solve this problem, I would be very grateful for your advice.
Thank you in advance!

■Plugins use
Random Number Generator

■signup page
This is the screen where you can enter your name and email address, and click the “Register” button.
After clicking the “Register” button, a 5-digit authentication code is sent to the e-mail address in the workflow shown in the attached image.
The authentication code is generated by Random Number Generator.

■signup_confirm page
This is the screen for entering the authentication code.
The authentication code input field and “Register” button are set up.
The authentication code input column should not be a single input, but 5 inputs as shown in the attached image.
The content format of the input should be Integer.
After clicking the “Register” button, click “Make changes to User” to update the authentication status to “yes”.

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